Barbecue Stacker video tutorials

This video tutorial shows you the main features and how to get the most from your Barbecue Stacker.

Rotisserie Chicken

Little can beat a rotisserie chicken for supreme tenderness, flavour and simplicity of cooking. Putting some parboiled potatoes under the chicken makes for some very flavoursome roast potatoes too.

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork, probably one of the most popular things to cook using a Barbecue Stacker. Everyone loves pulled pork and everyone has their way of cooking it. Smoking your pulled pork in your kettle barbecue converted in to a smoker is so easy with the Barbecue Stacker.

Beer Can Chicken

The moist meat that cooking a chicken on a beer can produces is simply unsurpassed. Experiment with different liquids and seasonings both in the can and on the chicken skin.

Converting your kettle to a smoker

The chances are you've enjoyed brilliant bbq food that's been cooked low and slow. The Barbecue Stacker is a simple and cost effective way to convert your kettle barbecue to a water or bullet smoker. This method of cooking will enable you to cook a pork shoulder for hours on end and achieve that magnificent, melt in the mouth pulled pork we all love.

Tender ribs?

Or try beef brisket?

Using Barbecue Stacker to create extra cooking space

There is always that party or gathering when the space on your barbecue grill is tested. Whether it's ahead of time when you are planning or after you're committed. Those impromptu events are great when a few friends and family come together to cook great BBQ together. Sometimes you just need that extra cook space. Sometimes you just want to cook something a little different and need the additional room. Cake anyone? Why not trying baking bread?

Getting the charcoal lit

To cook beer can chicken you need an indirect heat, that means putting charcoal on either side of the charcoal grill area and leaving the centre area clear. The chicken (or whatever else you are cooking) sits on the cooking grill above this empty space. If cooking directly on the grill try placing a foil tray underneath in the charcoal grate to catch the meat juices. Remember to wait for the charcoal to be grey all over before cooking.

A friend of this website,, produced this useful video for getting charcoal started. You can start charcoal on either side of the grill or both, depending on what you are cooking.

And if you are using a charcoal starter chimney this might be helpful too.

Ribs on the Smoker
Rotisserie chicken
Back Yard 47cm Barbecue Stacker
Water Smoker setup
Converts to a water smoker
Converts to a water smoker
Rotisserie chicken over potatoes
Baking bread on the BBQ
Spicy chicken cooking
Rotisserie top rump
Part cooked spicy chicken
Converts to a water smoker
Crusted rotisserie beef
Extra cooking space
Cold smoked mackerel
Rotisserie beef
Rotisserie on Weber
Roast potatoes
Cold smoking mackerel


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