How to use the Barbecue Stacker

Well, with absolute simplicity. The shaped profile on the bottom of the Barbecue Stacker will fit steadily on the top of your kettle barbecue's base. The top of the Barbecue Stacker is shaped so that the lid of your kettle barbecue sits securely in place. The grill tabs enable you to adjust the height of the grill depending on what or how you planning on cooking.

Grill tabs

There are four positions that the grill can be fitted in your barbecue.

1) The barbecue's default position

2) In the bottom of the Barbecue Stacker

3) The top of the Barbecue Stacker

4) Two of these when you want to double your barbecue capacity

Use the barbecue's grill tabs when cooking something like beer butt chicken. Use the Barbecue Stacker grill tabs when you want access to the charcoal such as smoking (low and slow cooking) and you can lift the Barbecue Stacker off for maximum access.

Charcoal Position

Consider if you are going to use the direct or indirect method of cooking and position the charcoal in the base of the barbecue as you would normally. For beer can chicken put your charcoal to each side of the BBQ as with the indirect cooking method. When using your Barbecue Stacker for converting your BBQ to a water smoker put the charcoal in the centre of the charcoal grate.

Vent Control

The Barbecue Stacker doesn't interfere with the control you have over your barbecue. Use the top and bottom vents to slow or speed up the charcoal burn and the top to retain heat as required. You have more space to heat but plenty of hot charcoal in the base will soon have the barbecue up to temperature. Closing the vents reduces the burn and therefore temperature. Opening the vents allows more air in and therefore, the temperature increases (assuming you have not burnt through all the charcoal).

Removing the Barbecue Stacker

Take care when lifting the Barbecue Stacker off, particularly if it still has food or liquid inside it and when the charcoal is hot. It is our recommendation that you remove any food and liquid from your Barbecue Stacker before lifting it or moving it. The handles located on each side on the Barbecue Stacker will enable you to lift the Barbecue Stacker from the base of your kettle barbecue and then move it. Set it down somewhere level and heat resistant such as a piece of concrete.


Store your Barbecue Stacker on your barbecue when not in use. Or use the handles to hang it in a garage. Use a barbecue cleaner if you wish to prior to putting away.

Plastic Handles

Weather resistant handles let you remove the Barbecue Stacker to add more charcoal, wood chips and simplify access to a water bowl and drip tray.

Full instructions

The latest full owner/user guide for the Barbecue Stacker products is available to download from this website or on request.

More Barbecue Stacker help

For more take a look at the Video Tutorial page.

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Water Smoker setup
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