Barbecue Stacker recipe ideas

Here's a selection of some of our favourite recipe ideas to use with the Barbecue Stacker. Why not share your's with us and email? We'd love to hear from you about recipe share.

Beer Can Chicken

Liquid keeps things moist, but try crumbling a stock cube up and rubbing that all over your chicken before cooking it. The Barbecue Stacker raises the lid of your BBQ, so it actually fits, and the air flows properly for moist and even cooked chicken.

Try putting some sage leaves in the chicken cavity and under the skin. Garlic, onion, lemon or orange in the cavity make for delicious infused flavours too.


Have you tried marinading and then adding more Jerk marinade through the cook? This adds flavour, keeps the ribs moist and tender. Either cooks on the Barbecue Stacker's top grill or take longer using the water smoker technique for succulent meaty ribs.

Pork Belly

Not as big as a pork shoulder (or Boston Butt) but cooked low and slow will make pulled pork in less time and for fewer people. Season in the same way with chilli, chipotle and paprika all being delicious. Cook using the Barbecue Stacker in the water smoker set up.

Wood chips

OK, not a recipe but add dry wood chips for immediate smoke and without causing your charcoal to cool down. Fruit and nut wood usually makes for a good flavour. Avoid wood with resin such as pine. A handful or two are usually enough, unless you like your food really smokey.

Beef Brisket

Although hard to find, beef brisket is amazing when cooked in a water smoker low and slow. Add some chilli flavours before cooking with a spicy rub and some smokey wood flavour adding a few extra handfuls of wood chips during the cook. It might take all day to cook with the Barbecue Stacker set up as a water smoker but it will be a rich reward!

Two grill tabs
Beer Can Chicken
Water Smoker water tray
Back Yard 57cm Barbecue Stacker
Durable handles


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